Neon Knits handknit clip-on hip pouches, hats, and wrist warmers. Made with neon and bright color yarns that you’ll love. Stand out in a crowd.

Handknit by two sisters, Diane Gracely and Dawn Weller.

About Diane And Dawn

Diane and Dawn were born with a rare hereditary progressive disease. Charcot Marie Tooth. A neurological disease that causes foot deformities, peripheral neuropathy, scoliosis, and chronic pain throughout the body.

Therefore, they are both permanently disabled. Sisters Diane and Dawn are in their 50’s and needed a way to supplement their monthly SSD income. Both were taught how to knit at a young age.

Diane loves neon and bright colors. After creating online home businesses for 24 years, Diane asked Dawn to go into business. That’s when Neon Knits was created. February 10, 2021.

Contact Diane

Call Diane with questions at (352) 239-3669. Or send Diane a message through Facebook Messenger, click here.

Neon Knits
Neon Knits by Diane Gracely

Also, be sure to follow Diane’s blog posts by clicking here. Diane writes blog posts and makes short videos. She tries to blog a few times a week, and sometimes daily.

Diane owns another online home business called Diane’s Tees. She creates colorful art and funny sarcastic quotes for t-shirts, face masks and more than 75 other products.