Coming Soon To Neon Knits

Neon Knits handknit clip-on hip pouches, hats, and wrist warmers. Made with neon and bright color yarns that you’ll love.

Two sisters, Diane Gracely and Dawn Weller were born with a rare neurological disease. Charcot Marie Tooth disease. It’s a hereditary progressive disease that deforms the feet.

They were taught how to knit at a young age. Now both in their 50’s, they decided to start a small business. Neon Knits.

Neon Knits
Neon Bright Color Yarns

Diane grew up in the 60’s and 70’s with a love of tie dye and bright colors. To this day, the colors are still her favorites.

Therefore, this is how Diane came up with the business name; “Neon Knits”. There are thousands of yarn makers out there. Many of them create bright and neon color yarns.

So, Diane and Dawn purchase a variety of yarn colors to make their products.

Because both of them are disabled from the CMT disease, they need to supplement their income.

Diane’s Tees is her main business. She creates funny sarcastic quotes and colorful art. Then sells her designs on over 75 different products in her online store. Including t-shirts, face masks, and many other products.

While Diane and Dawn are relaxing in the late afternoon and early evening hours, they knit. Stay tuned, new products will be added to this website as they finish them.