How To Start A Home Business

How to start a home business online from the comfort of your home. Successful online entrepreneur Diane Gracely, wants to share how she got started.

Diane is a 56 year old disabled woman living in Florida. She was born with a rare neuromuscular disease called, Charcot Marie Tooth. Also, known as CMT. By the age of 33, CMT permanently disabled Diane in 1997. The hereditary disease had progressed over the years and severely deformed Diane’s feet. She could no longer walk without excruciating pain. So, Diane began using a wheelchair and had to resign from her office job. Therefore, she had to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits, SSD.

Survival Mode Kicks In How To Start A Home Business

Knowing she could not survive on monthly SSD checks alone, survival mode kicked in. Diane had a 3 year old son, and was a divorced mom. Due to the fact that monthly bills had to be paid somehow, Diane was determined to start a home business. And that’s exactly what she did.

Diane bought a computer and started researching ways to start a home business online. After weeks of research, Diane decided to try out an idea she had.

That’s when “Creative Bookmarks” was founded. The idea of designing custom laminated bookmarks for all occasions, school book fairs, authors, and many special events came about.

Above all, it would require a small investment to get started. Making it a low risk business idea. So that if it failed, the loss would be minimal.

Branding And Designing A Website

After all of the research Diane had done, she knew she needed a “brand” to become successful. And of course, a website to show examples, promote the business, and take orders. “Creative Bookmarks” became the brand and the website. Diane purchased the domain name to design a website and promote the brand. This is the domain, the brand, and the website all combined into ONE.

To make a long story short, everything came together for Diane. And she owned the business for 8 years. Until, one day a new home business idea popped into Diane’s head. Uh oh, time to sell the business and move on. That’s exactly what she did. She sold Creative Bookmarks for a nice profit and reinvested the profit to start her next business venture.

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