How To Start A T-shirt Business

How to start a t-shirt business online and work from home. Whether you want to work part time or fulltime is up to you. Many people start a home business to supplement their income. For example, I started my t-shirt business to supplement my Social Security Disability income.

Due to my disabilities, I could not design and print my designs on products I would have to purchase. That would be too much leg work for me. So I searched Google for a print-on-demand t-shirt company. A company that had a wide variety of products that I could sell my designs on. Nowadays there are many print-on-demand companies to choose from. Most of them pay a similar commission, and allow you to set up an online store for free.

Choosing A Print-On-Demand T-shirt Company

There are many factors to consider when choosing a print-on-demand company. Such as, a variety of products, print quality, and their product quality. Also, how much, and when and how do you get paid. How easy is it to set up a store through their website.

I chose TeePublic as my print-on-demand company. After research and trial and error phases, my decision was made. I had tried a couple of different companies throughout my first year. Why did I choose TeePublic? Because through my trial and error phase I was receiving the most sales. And I was earning a steady monthly commission check. The product quality and print quality was the best. Therefore, I was selling a wide variety of products with my designs printed on them.

Ready Set Go How To Start A T-shirt Business

Now that you know which company to start with, it’s time to get started. You will need to decide on a name for your business and store on TeePublic. Pick something short and easy for your customers to remember. For my store, I chose “Diane’s Tees“. << Click to see what my store looks like. This will give you an idea of how your store will look. And the link to your store will look like this. Notice how “dianestees” is on the end of the link.

Once you are ready to set up your free storefront click here. Set up your storefront and copy and paste your link on a word document and save it. Also, add the store to your favorites, bookmarks, to go to it easily again later.

What To Do Next To Start Your Business

The next step to starting your t-shirt business is joining PlaceIt. PlaceIt is where you will be designing your artwork for each design. TeePublic offers us a discount on the online PlaceIt software. You will get thousands of ready-made templates to use to start creating your designs. Wait until you get the discount code from TeePublic to purchase PlaceIt. Chose to pay a monthly fee or annual fee. It’s not real expensive, with the discount code, my annual cost was $69.

Your next step will be learning how to create a design using the templates. Browse around PlaceIt to get familiar with everything. You will feel very overwhelmed at first. It feels like information overload. But all you have to do is watch some YouTube videos to learn. Also, there is a wealth of information about getting started on TeePublic’s Blog.

So for now, follow the above steps. Read blog posts, and watch videos on YouTube about using PlaceIt and TeePublic. I’ll be writing another blog post real soon with information about the next steps. Follow my blog, the next post with further steps will be written soon. Today is January 26, 2021.