Medicine Bags & Hip Pouches Hippie T-shirts & Hoodies

Medicine Bags & Hip Pouches

Diane Gracely of Silver Springs, Florida is a 54 year old hippie who has a passion for neon and bright colors. She handknits medicine bags and hip pouches with neon and bright colored yarns. Each medicine bag or hip pouch has a drawstring closure. 

You have the option of ordering a bag or pouch with just the drawstring closure or Diane will attach two silver metal clips. The two silver clips are attached so you can clip the bag or pouch onto the belt loops of your jeans. 

Or you can order a bag or pouch without the hardware and just slip the drawstring over your wrist. It's your choice.

Photos of Diane's bags and pouches are COMING SOON. Meanwhile, read the "About Diane" page. Take a look at her "photo gallery" to see the neon yarn she uses to create her medicine bags and hip pouches.

Hippie T-shirts & Hoodies

Diane also designs hippie t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, sweatshirts, matching leggings, hats, mugs, and canvas wall art.

Diane enjoys designing a variety of tees and hoodies with other topics such as, cannabis, funny quotes, inspirational quotes, and more.