Neon Knits

Neon Knits handbags, clothing, beachwear, and accessories for women. Swiffer pads, door draft stoppers, and misc. items.

Handcrafted by Diane Gracely of Silver Springs, Florida.

Diane Gracely

Meet Diane Gracely the Founder of NEON KNITS

Hand knitting is a hobby Diane enjoys. She grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and loves bright neon colors and bright tie dye colors.

Because of Diane’s love of knitting and bright neon colors, Neon Knits was founded in March 2018 to sell her NEON KNITS products.

She is currently working on designing NEON handbags, clothing, beachwear, beach bags, beach pillows, and accessories for women.

Support handcrafted, and tell your family and friends about Diane’s website,

Diane is just getting STARTED with this business. ADD her website to your favorites and stop back often to see NEW products.

Go to her SHOP PAGE to see her new products for sale. She is adding new products as she finishes them.

Diane has a sister, Dawn Weller of Reading, Pennsylvania who knits. A sister, Crystal Hoffman of Hereford, Pennsylvania who crochets.

She will be adding handcrafted products made by her sisters here too.

Diane hopes NEONKNITS.COM will become your favorite place to shop online.

neon knits

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