Hippie and Cannabis Women’s Clothing

Hippie and cannabis women’s clothing designed by Diane Gracely, founder of Neon Knits.

Diane loves bright and neon colors and enjoys designing hippie, cannabis, images, and inspiring quotes for women’s clothing, teens, men, and babies t-shirts and accessories.

hippie and cannabis women's clothing
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Diane started designing hippie and cannabis women’s clothing the end of March 2018. April 7th she woke up with a 104 fever. She thought she had the flu. The next day same thing, still a fever of 104. She had never in her 54 years of life had a fever that high.

Diane knew it was time to go to the emergency room. Off she went to the ER at Munroe Regional in Ocala, FL. She was very sick and they admitted her to the hospital.

After bloodwork and several tests, Diane is told she has a bad kidney infection and a large kidney stone blocking her left ureter tube. She is immediately started on IV antibiotics.

Her urologist comes in to see her the next morning. He tells her she needs surgery to put a stent in her left ureter tube. Surgery is scheduled for the next morning.

Diane is released from the hospital in a couple of days with a follow-up appointment scheduled with her urologist.

She’s very sick and in a lot of pain. Diane goes to her urologist appointment and is told she also has 2 large kidney stones in her right kidney. He says, “Diane you need another surgery, we need to do a lithotripsy to blast the stones”.

To make a long story shorter, she suffers until surgery is scheduled for May 2nd. Diane is having chronic pain in both sides of her body. She is very upset that they are waiting till May 2nd to do surgery again. She makes phone calls day after day and gets NOWHERE.

They just keep telling her they cannot schedule the surgery any sooner. She must wait until May 2nd for lithotripsy surgery.

Finally May 2nd comes and she has surgery. They blast the 3 large kidney stones and put a stent in each of her ureter tubes. One on the left and one on the right.

Diane suffers with chronic pain for the next two weeks. They had scheduled the stent removal for May 25th. Diane said “No way am I going to be able to stand this chronic pain from the stents and passing the pieces of stones until May 25th”.

She calls the urologists office and they say they will talk to her doctor and call her back. She gets the phone call and they move her stent removal to May 15th.

May 1th arrives and Diane has the stents removed. Finally she is on the road to recovery with a lot less pain. She doesn’t know why she had such awful chronic pain from the stents, but she did.

Diane was furious that it took so long to schedule and have the lithotripsy surgery. No one should have to suffer that long with chronic pain.

She needed to get back to work designing hippie and cannabis women’s clothing for income.

Kidney stones are worse than labor when having a baby. Imagine labor pain for weeks, NOT hours… RIGHT, you women should KNOW what Diane is going through.

Diane is now advocating for others to see if something can be done. No one should have to wait that long and suffer with that kind of pain.

Diane was told the reason for the long wait for lithotripsy surgery was because the machine travels around from hospital to hospital. Doctors are only allotted certain times to perform surgeries at hospitals. So all of this is the reasoning for the long wait for Diane’s surgery.

There is a NEED for the machine at hospitals in Florida. More allotted times for doctors to perform these surgeries. NO ONE should have to suffer with the chronic pain from kidney stones and infection for over a month.

Today, May 21st Diane is finally feeling better. She is back to working from home designing hippie and cannabis women’s clothing for her Neon Knits shop online. Thank God.

Please feel free to leave comments if you have gone through a similar situation in Florida.

Let’s work together to put a STOP to this MADNESS of having to wait so long for lithotripsy surgery. We need to fight and push for more availability of the machines throughout Florida.